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Park Tool School FAQ

Is the “Park Tool School” suitable for home mechanics?

The primary target for this course is the home mechanic. Cyclists of all levels will be able to gain the knowledge to talk about your own bike’s needs, and learn skills and build confidence to tackle your own basic repairs and adjustments, or when to seek skilled assistance from your local bike shop.

How often is the course run?
Our more in-depth Park Tool School courses are scheduled during our off-season during the Winter. Flat fix clinics are scheduled throughout the year -- check our social media for latest updates.

Is the course run during the summer?
No, our Park Tool School currently does not run during the summer. Check our Course Schedule or social media for dates.

How much does the course cost?
The Park Tool School Intro Course is $129.99. The course cost includes use of all shop facilities, tooling, shop supplies and demo bikes / parts. It also includes a copy of Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair and either lunch or drinks from our cafe.

Is there a charge for shop supplies?
All shop supplies used during the course are included in your course fee. This includes all the miscellaneous parts, such as grease, cables, housing, ferrules and so on.

Can I bring my own bike to work on?
We provide bicycles and parts to work on during corresponding labs. During the second class, you will have the opportunity to bring your own bike, but it is certainly not necessary. This year, we are offering one scheduled follow-up day when students can return with their bike to work on it using our fully-tooled benches, and with our helpful presence.

Will I need to buy textbooks?
An individual copy of Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is included in the course fee, and it’s yours to keep. Our reference library includes Zinn and the Art of Bicycle MaintenanceSutherland’s Handbook, manufacturer technical documentation, and many industry magazines available for students’ perusal.

Do I have to take my own tools?
To help us manage our tooling inventory, we request that you do not bring your own tools to class.

Does Mello Velo sell tools?
All Mello Velo Park Tool School graduates receive a one-time opportunity during the course to order tools and parts at a 25% off discount below suggested retail prices. Home mechanics often use this opportunity to assess their needs and supplement their home tooling at a reasonable cost. It’s also an opportunity to order bike parts which can be installed on the follow-up day.

What should I wear while on the course?
Dress in layers and wear some warm socks, the shop can get a bit cold. Also, you’ll be handling grease, oil, mud and dirt, and so on. Be prepared to get dirty.

Do students receive a certificate?
Students receive a Park Tool certificate for completing the course.

Where is Mello Velo’s Park Tool School located?
The course will be taught in the bicycle shop side of Mello Velo, located at 790 Canal Street in Syracuse.

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