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 Community Wrench Bench

The sense of independence and freedom gained from powering your beautiful two-wheeled machine is immeasurably increased when you learn the mechanics and function of your bike to be able to maintain and repair it yourself!

Community Wrench Bench Sign

The folks at Mello Velo are your local bike experts—at your service! 

While we can certainly repair your bikes, we also encourage you to do it yourself. We offer a variety of opportunities to hone your skills - including free clinics, Park Tool School, and a new DIY shared workshop space we’ve dubbed the Community Wrench Bench!

The Community Wrench Bench offers multiple work stands and a dedicated tool board - including wheel truing area and the many frame prep tools DIY home mechanics don’t usually have in their arsenal. Consumables (within reason) are included - grease, chain lubricant, rags, cleaners, as well as internet access if you want to consult a video tutorial or user manual.

If you need help, an experienced mechanic is always in close proximity. We’re happy to help you get back on track, teach you a new skill, or even double check or take over your work in the event that you’re in over your head! Please note, our Community Wrench Bench is a well-equipped station available for customers to come work independently on their own bike during open workshop hours—it is not training. For every hour of mechanic assistance, we charge our regular labor rate (an additional $60/hr). Normally, you will only need a portion of this time, so we pro-rate it according to the minutes you use.

If you are interested in more hands-on training, we would recommend becoming a Community Wrench Bench member. Members enjoy free clinics and access to our exclusive drop-in hours (where a dedicated mechanic is on-hand to guide you thru repairs)Depending on availability, clinics are open to non-members for a nominal fee. Additionally, our Park Tool School is available to members and non-members alike, and offers the most in-depth training—complete with course tech manual. Schedules and prices are posted on our Clinic and Park Tool School pages respectively.

Mello Velo Community Wrench Bench



Anything less than one half-hour (30 mins) is $5

Access to Community Wrench Bench bike tools during our open workshop hours* 
*Some specialty tools that require extra training may have additional costs

  • 2-hr time limit if there is a waitlist
  • Experienced mechanic assistance available at our regular shop rate** - $60/hr 
    **Depending on complexity, service work may not be able to be completed immediately and will need to be entered into our service department work order queue
  • Storage of parts in a bin*** - $1/day
  • Storage of complete bicycle**** - $3/day 
    ***Any items not clearly marked or left over 14 days become property of Mello Velo and may be thrown out or scrapped

Individual Membership


Per Year

  • Unlimited monthly access to Community Wrench Bench bike tools during our open workshop hours (no more than 2 hours per day)
  • Exclusive access to our weekly drop-in workshop hours with dedicated experienced mechanics on hand to assist
  • Free access to our advanced clinic series, topic areas include:
      • Hydraulic disc brake maintenance
        Headset / BB maintenance
        Intro to tubeless tires
        Hub & bearing overhaul
        Suspension function and tuning
        All about cables!
  • Mello Velo Bicycle Shop Discounts*
    *cannot be combined with other shop discounts cumulatively
      • 10% off on all parts and components**
        **Excluding Shimano, and labor services
      • 40% off on Park Tool School courses
  • Storage of parts in a bin*** - $0.75/day
  • Storage of complete bicycle*** - $2/day 
    ***Any items not clearly marked or left over 14 days become property of Mello Velo and may be thrown out or scrapped

Family Membership


Per Year

  • Enjoy all the benefits of the Individual Memebership, plus...
  • This membership is for up to 3 adults or kids living in the same household. Children under the age of 15 need adult supervision at all times.
  • Co-op house or large family? Please add $10 for each additional member.

Shop Rules

  1. Sign in with a Mello Velo service tech to start your clock and get a record sheet for your workstand.
  2. Keep track of all new and used parts you use on your tab.
  3. Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times.
  4. Please use only the designated Community Wrench Bench tools. Ask Mello Velo staff if you need help locating a specific tool. Specialty tools that require additional training may incur additional costs.
  5. Please put away all tools and bins that you use, and leave the workbench cleaner than you found it.

Community Wrench Bench