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 Custom Build

Our customers do awesome things.  If straight "out of the box" is not for you...

We LOVE collaborating with you to help make your biking dreams come true!

The world is your oyster. Some days it seems we've done it all, until someone walks in with a new exciting project!

This route might be right for you, if...

  • You've got a sentimental bicycle you'd like to completely strip down to the frame and build to modern specifications [we'll build your old steel road bike with the latest Campy parts!]
  • You're lusting over aesthetics—you want your bicycle to be the perfect pantone shade to match your favorite bag [we'll strip down your bike, and powder coat it any shade of the rainbow!]
  • You're planning an epic bike trip—around the world, the Tour Divide [we'll work with you to build the best bike with the best gear for the job!]
  • You have a specific use—delivering newspapers, transporting 3 kids plus a week's worth of groceries, commuting 20 miles uphill each way in the snow 
  • You don't want to show up to your next race with the same exact bicycle as Joe Schmo
  • Anything to be faster than Joe Schmo
  • Damn Joe Schmo!
  • You need to accommodate certain abilities
  • You hold the world record for longest torso

Really, the possibilities are endless... we can build a bike for that!

Since custom builds can be complex, if you've got a vague idea of concept/budget, feel free to schedule an appointment to grab our full attention! We will dedicate time to discuss your project one on one.

We are currently working on a completely custom online bike builder, where we work with you on an interactive parts list, and develop a working quote—for free! You can then stop into the shop to touch, see, feel, and discuss in person, or we can build your completely custom dream bike from the frame up, and ship it to you for free (within the contiguous US states)!

Custom Build