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Bike Clinics & Classes

We aim to provide the practical training, mentoring, and confidence required to help diverse members of our community integrate bicycling into their everyday life, and take their cycling to the next level.

Park Tool School

The Park Tool School is a bicycle repair and maintenance course designed specifically for the home mechanic, taught by your very own professional mechanics and Mello Velo! The method of instruction is a mixture of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on labs — plus we keep you caffeinated and/or well fed! We follow curriculum outlined in Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Repair, and tailor it so that everyone can learn how to do their own basic repairs and preventive maintenance.

Class size is limited to 6 students (maximum size 8) so that we can work closely with you during labs, and to ensure enough space and supplies for everyone.

All classes include Park Tool's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (a $29.95 value), 6+ hours of hands-on instruction, drink chips to use on a beverage of your choice in the Cafe, 10% OFF an Individual Yearly Membership to our Community Wrench Bench, and the opportunity to purchase the Park Tool Shop Apron and the Park Tool AK-38 Tool Kit (a $330 value) at a package price, for just an additional $275. All course graduates receive the option of assembling and purchasing their own tool kits at 25% off and the opportunity to schedule one follow-up day. The follow-up day allows students to bring in their own bikes and work on them under the watchful eyes of an instructor.

Basics of Bike Maintenance

  • 50 minute class for beginner bike repair
  • Learn how to lubricate your bike as well as fix flats and identify parts
  • Practice skill of changing tires
  • Opportunity to ask questions about your own bike

    The class is only $10 (includes a 10% off coupon for the Community Wrench Bench), but we will have flat fix kits and other tools available for purchase, so that you can participate and leave with everything you need to do basic repairs on the go. You can totally just watch and listen, but hands-on is often the easiest way to learn and become comfortable.

  • It is also helpful if you bring your own bike to work on.

    Optional materials include: tire levers, bike pump, tubes, bead seater, chain checker, chain lube, penetrating oil, cleaner/degreaser... etc.

Brews & Bikes

Each week we feature a beer tasting + a basic bicycle repair topic.

Youth Bike Workshops

We are available to teach Youth Bike Workshops at your location (we've been to libraries, schools) or even provide  skill-building workshops during open shop time for youth groups (such as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts) to come and use shop amenities during designated times, keeping their repair skills sharp, and their bikes riding smoothly. 

Kerry Werner CX Clinic

Cyclocross Clinic with top-ranked US Cyclocross Pros and Kona-sponsored riders, Kerry Werner and Rebecca Fahringer!

Kerry & Rebecca guide us through various CX skills and practice race sessions. This is hands-on, fun cyclocross clinic focused on getting participants of any level more comfortable with the sport and adding tools to their toolbox. A post-clinic 3-course dinner is held at the Mello Velo Cafe.

Who should go? Anyone interested in racing cyclocross for the first time, or wanting a refresher course on some skills and lessons. There is something for everyone from novices to experienced racers looking to raise their game to the next level.


Bike Clinics & Classes