Practice Safe Cycling!

Check out our article featured in the Daily Orange today and let’s pledge to share the road!

Let’s all (drivers and bicyclists): follow the rules of the road. In all 50 states bicycles are considered vehicles (or operators of bicyclists are considered operators of vehicles). Use turn signals as required by NYS law, yield to pedestrians, and keep right if traveling slower than other traffic. Let’s all be patient, share the road, and keep our cool — traffic sucks for everyone no matter what mode of transport!

Bicyclists, let’s remember: follow our featured safety tips and always look left, right, left before entering an intersection. Do not ride on the sidewalk — if you do because the roadway is obstructed, you must yield to pedestrians. Ring your bell or shout “on your left” when overtaking another cyclist or pedestrian — and pass on the left, like a car. Keep in mind this staggering statistic next time you hop on a bike and go to a party: 1 in 4 bicyclists killed had been drinking alcohol and had a BAC of .08 g/dL or higher. It might inspire you to at least wear a helmet. There are so many options at so many price points, we can help find one that both suits your style and fits your head properly.

Drivers: many of the same rules apply! Be predictable: signal your intentions so that others sharing the road can anticipate what to do. Turn off cell phones — #x don’t text and drive. Allow enough room when passing a bicycle. A single lane of traffic is not enough room for both a car and bicyclist. Children on bicycles need a wider berth since they can be unpredictable. If you do become involved in an accident and strike a bicyclist, stop and call 911.

Driving away from a crime is considered a hit and run.  In NYS, a hit and run with property damage means a traffic infraction with fines and jail time up to 15 days. If injury is involved, it means a misdemeanor, jail time up to a year, and fines up to $1000. If it’s not your first infraction, it’s a class E felony and potential 4 year sentence!

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SPOOKY Halloween-y Ride TONIGHT!

Join us tonight for a SPECIAL Thursday Night Fun Ride as we visit SPOOKY SYRACUSE SPOTS! As usual, meet in front of the shop around 8pm, roll out 8:30pm.

We have a bunch of glow sticks to decorate your bike -PLUS- there will be a COSTUME PRIZE (25 Musa bux + free pitcher)!!

SYRACROSS is this Saturday!

Don’t forget to PRE-REG for Syracross 4! We also have a limited number of Syracross t-shirts for sale, reserve yours when you pre-register (ends Friday)!

There will be a very special COSTUME PRIZE and PUMPKIN BARRIER! Bring your expired jack-o-lanterns and help build it out!

The bike shop and Copper Beech will be CLOSED Saturday, Nov. 1 due to the race. Cafe will be open regular hours. We hope you’ll join the bike shop crew at Highland Forest! Whether it’s your first race (we’ve got a beginner 30 min. Citizens Race) or you’re just spectating… we’ve got all the good stuff: cowbells, beer, waffles, a bonfire… COME GET MUDDY WITH US!

How to Fix a Flat Tire

This week, our series featured in the Daily Orange gives you step by step tips on DIY flat repair! It’s the most common bicycle repair we see in our shop. Sometimes it’s a cut and dry problem (glass), sometimes it requires some serious detective work. Learn how to change a bicycle tube and diagnose puncture type for future prevention!

Additionally, one step you have to master is wheel removal, which can get tricky. For help removing your wheel when changing your flat tire, view our brake release tips on the most common brake types. We see many different types of brakes on all different types of bikes everyday. However, most brakes have the same release principles!

Do you have any tips of your own for DIY flat repair, wheel removal, or brake release?

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