Thursday night fun rides


Looks like we’re having a break in the weather (finally?!) so you know what that means… The return of the Thursday Night Ride! Casual night ride meeting weekly in front of the shop Thursdays at 8pm.

Crowds range from 15-70ish cyclists on all types of bikes (ride a different one each week)! If we have a particular route planned, we will usually post on our Facebook page if there is a suggested type of bike to ride. Otherwise, we ride on city streets and are friendly to all types of cyclists! We will also post last minute statuses if the skies are cloudy and/or it’s sprinkly out and you’re wondering if we’re still heading out.

LIGHTS and helmets (and lock if you’re hanging out) are strongly suggested. Also, we suggest bringing your own spare tube in case of a flat (usually there are multiple wrenches on hand if you don’t have tools or inflator). Also, please try to leave your music-making machines at home. When there are multiple boom boxes blasting, it kinda kills the vibe of romantic starry night skies… freewheels buzzing… the sounds of the city… and sweet sweet small talk.

We try to follow the rules of the road so don’t ride like a jerk! Also it’s a social ride so bring a friend and have FUN!  Mileage is anywhere from 6 to 25 miles depending on the group that shows, or usually around 2 hours of ride time. Ending point is often somewhere downtown (J Ryan’s patio for beer and grub). If you’ve gotta run at the end of the ride – there are usually several people heading every which way in the city so you can buddy up with someone going your direction.

Hope to see you on our next urban cycling adventure!


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