Thursday night fun rides

Every Thursday night, there is a fun ride that meets outside the shop at 8pm. Last week we beat our Thursday record with 39 cyclists (+2 who joined up for a bit)! It’s pretty much an informal ride around the city, with no planned route, but we usually end up going about 14 miles. Past rides we’ve gone through Tipp Hill, Burnet Park, Little Italy, the Inner Harbor, Armory Square, Lincoln Park, the Valley, and the University.

Join us for a bit–we usually end up leaving around 8:15pm. People splinter off at different points along the city, but after the ride, we usually end up grabbing some grub, ice cream, beer, or coffee. If you have any route suggestions, or know of a spot with an awesome view of the city, or a fun park to ride through, post them here!

See you Thursday! And don’t forget to bring your lights! (A helmet’s not a bad idea either).


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