winter update!

Hey everybody!  We have a blog!  Whoop-whoop!  It seems that we have been experiencing a brief January heat wave.  43 degrees and sunny?  It’s definitely inspired a few people to stop in and invest in a new-to-you commuter bike!  Like the old Univega, after a little sprucing up, he’s found a new home with Amber.  We’re like eHarmony for bikes + people.

What’s new:

»Opening Tune-up Special.  We’re still offering it ($40).
»Winterize Your Bike! First we clean it, then use all-weather lube on all moving parts, and then add a salt & water-proof ceramic grease ($25).
»SNOW TIRES.  Come get some.
»Winter Rides. Seriously.  It’s fun to bike in the snow!  Discuss them here.
»TRAINERS!  Get your butt in shape.  Put your bike on one of our trainers, starting at $99, and bike (inside) at home.

++Bike need a new paint job?  Want to build up that sweet frame you found?  Wintertime is a great time to do some of those bike projects you’ve put aside for awhile.  Talk to us.


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