Precautions to prevent theft

So pretty much everyday this week someone has come in and told us their bike has been stolen (or at least part of it).  Sad times.

Some precautions to keep your bike from becoming the next victim:

  • For starters, a good lock.  Cables don’t “cut” it–or they do actually!  We carry an assortments of locks at the shop.  We recommend at least a basic U-lock (they run about $20) or a decent chain lock.
  • Don’t leave your bike unattended and not locked–even for a couple minutes.
  • Don’t lock your bike to a porch (front or back, even it’s not visible, they’ll find it!)  Porches have been one of the more common places bikes have been stolen lately.
  • Don’t leave your bike on campus overnight unless you’ve got a bomb-proof lock with your wheels locked up.
  • If you need to lock your bike for an extended amount of time, lock up the wheels.
  • If you have quick release wheels, lock those up, or you can buy locking skewers.
  • If you’re going anyplace for awhile, bring your quick release seat with you.
  • At night, it’s always best to bring your bike inside if you can, or at least a locked garage.  If your garage doesn’t lock, lock it up inside.
  • You can always personalize your bike and make it ugly / more recognizeable.  Some suggestions: wrap your bike in tape (you can paint over the tape if you want), cover it in vinyl (most sign shops have a ton of scrap they want to get rid of), wrap your bike in yarn or hemp, sticker it up.  Get creative!

If thieves really want your bike, they’ll find a way to get it, but taking these precautions will help make it not worth their time.

Guy stealing a bike in broad daylight.

Send us an email if you’ve had a bike stolen recently and we’ll put the word out on our blog!


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