KONA Launch 2014 Recap


This past week Steve and I flew to Bellingham, WA for Kona’s 2014 Bike Launch. It was our first time attending the event and it was AWESOME and informative. Kona introduced 25 new bikes this season — and gave us a chance to learn about them, and most importantly try them out on some of the best trails in the country!

It was great to finally meet the people behind Kona, the biggest little bike company in the world — they’re really cool and down to earth, and it’s easy to see that they really mean it when they say they’re dedicated to making solid bikes that are fun to ride. Everyone there rides bikes… a lot. They couldn’t be farther from the suits and polos of most other bike companies — that also goes for all of the dealers invited, everyone was out riding hard and having a good time!

Day 1: arrived in Bellingham, tooled around town on Kona’s new commuter bikes, the Coco and Dr. Dew. Both really cool, comfortable, and capable of taking on city hills — super fun to ride!

Day 2: learned a lot about the new product lines, and spent the afternoon riding as many bikes as possible on the Lake Padden trails. Bikes ridden: King Kahuna, Explosif, Super Jake, Hei Hei Supreme, Satori, Wo, Process 111 DL, Major Jake, and others. Sara’s faves were the Hei Hei Supreme and Super Jake, Steve loved the Satori, because he could ride super fast over anything up or down. The day ended with a visit to Kona’s HQ — understated but cool, definitely not the traditional corporate headquarters. Pump track, fire pit, and a fat bike toilet bowl pull, being the highlights of the evening.

Day 3: more solid information, and a longer ride out from Lake Padden and onto the Galbraith trails. Steve was pumped on the Satori (again) and Sara rode the Precept DL. The night ended with a delicious picnic on the waterfront, playing games and watching the sun set.

The next few days we spent in Seattle, biking around and checking out the awesome bike shops, cafes, and culture. Talk about a bike friendly city! It’s probably the most fun to bike in after Copenhagen on our list. All in all a good informative and fun trip! More pics on our Facebook.

PS: with 2014 bikes coming out, all 2013 Kona’s are ON SALE! Still a lot left of the season, so get out and ride!


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