D.I.Y Bike Repair!

We will be holding free bicycle maintenance sessions on Syracuse University campus starting March 8. Bring your bike and we will provide the tools and knowledge. Space is limited, so we’ll play it by ear. Let us know if you’re attending so we have an idea.

See you there!!!

MAR 8 // MAR 22 // Mar 29
REPAIR CLINIC—For these repair clinics, you will need to supply your complete bike, or wheelset as applicable. You will perform the work yourself, so you should dress to get dirty. After the class, participants will receive a discount coupon that they may use for tools and other repair related products for purchase at the Mello Velo store on Westcott Street. [3 sessions]

APR 5 // APR 12 // APR 19
TUNE-UP CLASS—During this course you will be instructed on how to perform a tune-up on your bike. You will do the work yourself, if you are not capable of finishing anything we will finish it for you the next day. We will discuss proper maintenance and tools. You will perform all mechanical processes involved in a tune-up. If your bike needs something not involved in a tune-up, you will need to bring the bike in to the Mello Velo store on Westcott Street, to have it taken care of beforehand. [3 sessions]

APR 26 //
MAINTENANCE—This course is designed for the newer cyclist, and will discuss basic care, maintenance, and basic bicycle use. We will cover things like how to wash and lube your bike, how to shift, brake, and properly pedal your bike. We will also cover the basics of bicycle fit, so you can be comfortable, and demonstrate how to change a flat tire. The class will end with a question session so you can ask about anything you want. [1 session, taught together with Safety]

SAFETY—This course will discuss the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists. We will demonstrate safe riding techniques, traffic protocol, and proper signaling. We will go over a few essential cycling accessories that will ensure a safe and comfortable ride, and discuss how to stay visible (especially at night), and how to be prepared for different riding conditions. We will also demonstrate the ABC Quick check recommended by the League of American Bicyclists (bikeleague.org), and how to properly secure your bike. Some basic fitness advice to improve cycling cadence, efficiency, and pace will also be offered. [1 session]

MAY 3 //
ANATOMY OF THE BICYCLE—This quick course is designed for people who are looking to buy a new bike, or would like to know more about their own bicycle. We will go over the parts of the frame, the basic mechanical components, and explain the different types of bicycles, wheel sizes, handlebars, brake systems, and number of speeds. Also, we will explain the different types of materials, alloys, composites, and how they affect ride characteristics. There will also be a quick history of the bicycle. [1 session]


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