Pro Tips

Winter Riding Tips

Keep riding this Winter — check out our latest snowy weather riding tips featured in the Daily Orange! We’ve got everything in stock so you’re ready to tackle the first big snowstorm on bike: from bar-mitts and light-up pants straps, … Continue reading

Wet Weather Riding

Check out our wet weather riding tips featured in this week’s Daily Orange. Lots of fenders and bags in stock, and more cold/wet weather gear coming in this week!

Practice Safe Cycling!

Check out our article featured in the Daily Orange today and let’s pledge to share the road! Let’s all (drivers and bicyclists): follow the rules of the road. In all 50 states bicycles are considered vehicles (or operators of bicyclists … Continue reading

How to Fix a Flat Tire

This week, our series featured in the Daily Orange gives you step by step tips on DIY flat repair! It’s the most common bicycle repair we see in our shop. Sometimes it’s a cut and dry problem (glass), sometimes it … Continue reading

How to Lock Your Bike

Our series about bicycle locking featured in the Daily Orange last week.