Starting January 2012, we will be hosting Hump Day Rump Day, 7:30pm Wednesdays January-March at Mello Velo Cafe.  Get your rump in shape this Winter, and spin with us!

Our spin sessions will be FUN and you are welcome to join and pedal at your own pace.  We’ll mix it up with Spinervals, movie nights, and some sweet music.  (ALSO!  Free coffee!)  You just bring your bike.

Cost will be a sliding scale:

  • $2-10 if you bring your own trainer, per session
  • $5-10 if you use one of our trainers, per session
  • $20 for a spinning session 5-pack

Attend just one of our spin sessions and receive 20% off the purchase of any trainer!

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  1. Hey! This is a great idea! can you guys recommend good trainers? They vary so much in price that it’s hard to decide which are worth it!

  2. So, I would love to come AND bring my own trainer, but it is WICKED loud. Is that still cool?

  3. nice idea! anything to get us out of the house and doing something to keep our bike legs in winter! “Turn ’em,” as my old coach at Carmichael Training Systems used to say!

  4. Well bring it in and we’ll find out! Is it one of those super old ones where you take off the front wheel?

  5. Well as a very general rule of thumb, cheaper=louder (usually wind) and more expensive=quieter (fluid). What distinguishes them is the method that they provide resistance – but they all basically do the same thing. If you live in an apartment or are concerned about noise disturbance, then a fluid trainer is the way to go. A good middle of the road option would be a magnetic trainer (not as loud as wind, but cheaper than fluid) like the CycleOps Mag trainer. It also comes with with an adjuster option so that you don’t have to stop and get off the bike to adjust the resistance. If you stop in, you can test a few different options and see what you prefer!

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