About us!

In 2009, Mello Velo Bicycle Shop was opened in the Westcott neighborhood of Syracuse, New York.

We simply wanted to create the best independent, locally owned, friendly bike shop around.

We felt that Syracuse needed a place where every rider feels welcome—from the road racer to commuter, mountain biker to fixie kid, whether you’re eight or eighty, we want to provide you with the best experience possible.  Mello Velo is committed to being your bike shop. We want to be a part of your daily experience, a knowledgeable and professional shop that you can depend on for quick repair and maintenance service. We carry a broad selection of stylish accessories and apparel, and our bicycles are available at several different price points—ranging from used to more boutique brands.

Ultimately, we want to build a Syracuse bicycle culture, and will strive to educate and inspire our customers. Mello Velo is rider owned and operated. Stop by and hang out a while—read one of our unique cycling magazines, or just pet our shop dog, Maxwell Smart.

Steve and Sara Morris, owners

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Team Mello Velo was founded in Syracuse, NY, with the idea that a cycling club needs to be fun.  It doesn’t matter if you race, or not–or whether it’s on the road, trail, or track.  Biking is about more than just racing. As a club, we are simply about the pleasure of riding a bike.  If you win races, great.  But for us, riding a bike and being part of a club is about fun, community, fitness, and being advocates of cycling culture in Central New York.  We take pride in introducing new riders to the sport, going on group rides, and supporting amazing events. Cheers!  (We’re also co-sponsored by the fantastic Middle Ages Brewing Company.)

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40% of our trips are just 2 miles from home. 40% is a big part of the solution—replace all those 1 mile trips with a bike!

What’s more green than re-using an item for it’s original purpose? We re-vamp old bicycles all the time. Why not go by bike? Bike to save time, to save money, to avoid traffic, for yourself, for the environment, for infrastructure, and for your health! Part of the reason we opened the bike shop is to promote real green living. We’d be glad to point you in the direction of some great cycling resources!

We also strive to use recycled materials—a lot of what we used to build the shop consisted of re-purposed materials, some of which are going on their fourth use. We never throw away anything that can be re-used, or recycled. We save all our tubes and metal bits. If you have an art/design project that you could use some materials for, send us an email or stop by. We’d gladly donate materials!  We also compost our food scraps and coffee grounds.  If you have any acid loving plants, we’d be glad to save you some of our compost.

Proud member of Syracuse First